The Urban Virtual Village



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The Urban Virtual Village Support Group Program

The Urban Virtual Village Support Group (TUVV) aims to provide parents with a safe space to discuss the highs and lows of parenting and guide parents on building a village that they can call on when times are good or bad. TUVV is a solution-based group. Each parent will leave our group with two possible solutions to their biggest concerns. The Urban Virtual Village is for parents of children ages 10-17 who live in the DFW Metroplex. Group meets via a Zoom call or in-person twice a month on Saturdays. 

The Urban Virtual Village Support Group provides support to parents as a solution to a need that we see time and time again in the community we serve. Parents will learn about healthy relationships, positive behavior in and out of the home, how to deal with conflict, advocate for 

their children in school, communicate with administrators, and much more. As the participating parents practice these skills, they will teach them to their children, and we will begin to see generational cycles end. This group aims to empower parents to achieve better through positive group behavior, speakers, and motivation. It will also provide a safe space for understanding and problem-solving.


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