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A Clothing Bank for Children and Teens - Learn more about Carter's House >>

The INSIDER Irving ISD - Baskets Full of Clothes and Cheer - Read more >>

CBS DFW - DFW Charity Provides Free Clothes To Children From Families In Need: ‘It Was Like A Godsend’ - Read more >>

Dallas Doing Good - Fostering a Village in Quarantine: Shawana Carter’s Continued Mission to Serve - Read more >>

Voyage Dallas - Meet Shawana Carter of Carter’s House in South Dallas - Read more >>

North Dallas Gazette - Carter’s House provides holiday cheer and clothes to Irving ISD families - Read more >>

News 1 - Matthew McConaughey Recognizes Carter’s House During “With Thanks” Campaign - Read more >>

Local Legend award w/ Matthew McConaughey - Shawana Carter reveals how she supplies emergency goods to thousands - Watch Now >>

LawBoss interview - Community Boss - Shawana Carter of Carter's House - Watch Now >>

Talk of Life with Elma show - Shawana Carter - Carter's House Founder Joins Us! " Tune In! - Watch Now >>

Heart Talks with Dr. Gloria show - A Local Legend's Award Winning Love for Building Up a Community in Need, S2 Ep. 8, Shawana Carter - Watch Now >>

The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center - 'The Fierce Urgency of Now' Part Two - Watch Now >>

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